Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Blog: The Leviathan

I have decided to devote an entire blog to my progressive rock music reviews and thoughts. That blog is titled "The Leviathan" and a link has been provided for it in the banner at the top of this blog page. I decided that it was too confusing to have both music reviews and updates about my personal life on this blog, so I have split them up into two blogs. This blog will mostly contain updates about my personal life and my current writing projects. My other blog will focus on the music that I love and will feature album reviews among other things music related. I encourage all that have enjoyed my music posts in the past to go visit that blog. I plan to update both blogs regularly. There should be a new post soon in this blog since there have been some major events that have occurred in my life recently. So, I would hope that readers would read both of my blogs--or, at the very least, the blog that pertains to their particular interests. I hope those who visit my new music blog will enjoy it over there!

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